Who we are

KayPac is a leading supplier of bags, backpacks, duffels  and handbags renowned for its innovative design, efficient  modern technology, individual craftsmanship and a fine  regard for quality. KayPac shares its roots with Kaytent  Industries, which has over 50 years of experience in the  manufacturing of humanitarian & defence supplies.  We see to it that our brand strongly stands to redefine  design while maintaining modernity as well as catering  to the fashion needs of our customers. Our design-driven  global accessories, that empower you in style & substance,  are a testimony to this. We are equally motivated to  maintain the highest standards of quality and comfort  while executing social responsibility. Through its novel,  progressive and thoughtfully crafted products, Kaypac  represents the true amalgamation of efficacy & durability  with that of fashion & fun!